At ACE we work very hard to provide a positive experience for our children at lunchtime. In order to ensure that lunchtime is a relaxed and calm experience for our children, lunchtimes in the school hall are divided between KS1 children who eat first at 12.00pm, followed by KS2 children who join the school hall at 12.30pm. Our lunchtime supervisors encourage the children to eat and drink healthily and to try new things. They are also there to help and support the youngest members of our school for whom eating in a school hall will be a new experience.

Outside we have a range of toys and equipment to facilitate exercise, social interaction and fun. We also have two outdoor activity areas and are very lucky to have a very large playing field on which the children are encouraged to play during the dry months. We have recently invested in new playground markings, with games such as chess (complete with large-scale chess pieces!), hopscotch and various number games. Our lunchtime supervisors join the children during playtime outside and are always on hand support and play with the children.