Internet Safety

Internet safety is always high on the agenda at Arundel Church of England Primary School. We have security measures in place, which are constantly monitored both internally and externally, to prevent our pupils from coming into any potential danger or accessing unsuitable material.

Lessons are taught from Year 1 upward explaining and demonstrating how to stay safe when using the Internet and working with technology.

National Agencies and where to report a problem

·               Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre CEOP's homepage and report abuse button 

·               Think U Know - Advice for Parents, Teachers and Young people and teaching resources

·               Internet Watch Foundation - Report illegal Content

·               UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS)

·               Childnet International – Guidance for Parents, Teachers and Young People


Links for parents and carers

·       Ask About Games - Advice on computer gaming and how to apply parental controls

·       Common Sense Media - Providing unbiased information and trusted advice on media and technology

·       A Parents Guide to Instagram - Guidance on the use of Instagram by young children

·       NCPCC Net Aware

·       Early Years e-safety - help introduce young children to the idea of internet safety

·       Get Safe Online - Advice and guidence on Safety online

·       Vodaphone Safety - Advice from Vodaphone

·       Yahoo Safety Tips 

·       CBBC Safe search – Excellent Child friendly Search engine for Primary Schools

·       NEN Image Gallery - for images to use in the classroom

·       TeacherTube - Video Sharing website

·       Edublogs - Blogging in Schools

·       Easywhois - Useful website to check who registered/owns a website

·       All about Explorers - Teaching children to evaluate reliability of online information. 

·       That's Not Cool - advice on digital relations for KS3/4 

·       Windows family safety - Set up Windows safety controls


Information leaflets

YouTube safety fact sheet for ACE parents

Top tips for Xbox

Top tips for PS4 and PS Vita

Top tips for iPad

Top tips for iPhone

Keeping Your Child Safe Online