Social Actions Projects

Arundel Church of England Primary School as a Church School believes it is important we involve the Social Action Projects. To reach out to our neighbour in love is a key component of our Vision Statement. 
Our school community provides a wealth of opportunities for all pupils to engage in positive social actions including fundraising and charity partnerships. Our children are great advocates of change. They challenge inequality and issues of disadvantage and deprivation. They understand that by contributing to our local Turning Tides, by raising money for the FEAST Project or by sending money to people in Mano Dasse, Sierra Leone via Education West Africa, they are making a real difference to the lives of those people who are in need. At ACE, we aspire for all our children to feel that they can positively impact the lives of others whether local or global, both now and when they grow up. 

Photographs from a recent fundraiser for Education West Africa