Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files downloaded by your web browser as you visit websites. When a website sets a cookie, it is instructing your browser to save a file on the device you are using (for example, desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet). Websites can then 'find' these cookies on your computer as you continue to use and re-visit the site, reading the information stored within the file. Generally you will not be aware that this is happening as cookies are set and read as a web page loads or when you use a website function.Cookies can be very important in allowing a website to operate correctly and to improve user experience, and are used by most websites. They have many purposes, including enabling:

• a website to 'remember' you as you browse its pages, log in or re-visit the site;

• you to set your own preferences on the website such as font size, colour or ?even layout;

• storing information like the items you have put in your online shopping ?basket;

• the collection of analytical data that website owners can employ to monitor ?how websites are used, for example how many times a web page has been ?viewed;

• 'targeted' advertising, where different adverts are displayed depending on a ?browser's location or history.?When websites talk about cookies you may see the following terms referred to:

• Session cookies - These are temporary cookies that are destroyed (deleted) from your device when a browser is closed (session ended).

• Persistent cookies - These are cookies that are stored on your device for a defined period of time. They have an expiry date set by the web developer who created the website. The expiry date can often be longer than a year and can be updated as you revisit a website. This type of cookie can be important as it allows a website to remember you (for instance your font size preferences) when you revisit the website in the future.

• First party cookies - These are cookies set by the website you are visiting. These cookies can only be accessed and used by the website that sets them.

• Third party cookies - These are cookies set through a website by a party other than the one that owns the website. They are usually set by applications or functions created by other companies that a website may implement on its pages. The importance of third party cookies is that they can be used to track users across websites.


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Turning off cookies differs from browser to browser. If you do not wish to receive our cookies then please visit All About Cookies for details of how to disable cookies in your browser