Arundel CofE Primary School

Safety Council

The ACE Safety Council helps to promote safe practice in school, road safety and online awareness in their school to all pupils, parents and staff. The council also looks at general safety issues at school and highlights them to the School Business Manager and the Premises Officer

The Council also considers Digital Safety and has members who focus on a role as a Digital Leader to

  • Support with the technology curriculum.
  • Support new teachers and pupils to use Chrome books in the classroom and across the curriculum.
  • Ensure all technology is working and report any issues to our IT technician.
  • Model how we use technology effectively to enhance our learning.   
  • To ensure everyone at ACE understands how to be safe online
  • Helps with events that highlight digital safety, such as the annual Safer Internet Day (SID)


  • To develop road safety messages on our notice board
  • To lead some school assemblies on the theme of road safety and internet safety
  • To organise road safety and internet quizzes for all classes
  • To work with the SBM and the Premises Officer to develop safety around the school
  • To complete an action plan for areas of the school to improve safety
  • To ensure that all children are aware of our ACE Safeguarding Charter 
  • To survey children’s perceptions of their own safety at ACE, ensuring that everyone feels that they have a trusted adult to talk to when needed.
  • To share safeguarding information in an appropriate format:-

Safeguarding Policy for Children

People at ACE  who have special responsibilities 

Sharing how we work together towards a safe and caring environment at ACE