Arundel CofE Primary School

Personal, Social, Health & Economic education (PSHE)


Relationship & Health education (RHE)

@ ACE 

At Arundel Church of England Primary School, we aim for all children to develop an enthusiasm for, and enjoyment of PSHE and RHE. We strive to develop their knowledge and understanding of what a healthy relationship looks like, as well as how they can develop and nurture their own physical and mental health.


We teach children the skills of asking and answering questions, to share concerns and be able to discuss anything that is of concern to them. We do this in a safe and supportive learning environment.


We strive to develop confident learners, who are able to talk about their feelings openly in safe and mutually respected classrooms. 

By subject lead  Mrs H Meyer

Intent (What we are aiming for)

  • To be able to say ‘no’ when subject to pressure when something feels wrong.
  • To recognise safe and unsafe situations.
  • To develop strategies to be able to manage worries.
  • To explain why it is very important to tell someone if they are worried about something.
  • To know the people who look after them and their different roles and responsibilities.
  • To be able to tell when they feel cared for.
  • To be able to identify where to get help and support.

Implementation - how we teach it

At ACE, teachers create a positive attitude to PSHE/RHE  within their classrooms and reinforce an expectation that all children are capable of engaging in PSHE/RHE regardless of gender, race or economic background.


  • Through PSHE/RHE, our children are given the platform to consider what is right and wrong.
  • Through PSHE/RHE, children are encouraged to engage in open and honest discussions.
  • Through PSHE/RHE children are reminded of the importance of keeping safe, both online and in-person.
  • Through PSHE/RHE, children explore their sense of belonging in today’s modern world.
  • Through PSHE/RHE, children are reminded of the importance of asking for help, as well as the awareness of who safe and trusted adults are.


Progression grid

PSHE/RHE progression