Arundel CofE Primary School

Subject information

Primary school teachers usually teach the broad range of subjects included in the National Curriculum, with particular emphasis on the core subjects of literacy, numeracy and science.

Subject Allocation

We believe it is very important that all children receive their entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. To that end, in the Summer Term of 2019 we looked very closely at the learning time allocated to each of the subjects in the primary curriculum. We do not want children to spend all their time studying English and maths, so they don’t! At the same time, we realise how important it is for children to make good progress in these two important subjects, so we allocate a significant proportion of the available learning time to teaching them. We believe that they should be given the chance to apply the skills they have learnt in these two subjects across the full breadth of the curriculum.  To that end, from September 2019 our time allocations are now as follows:

In KS1: 

English – 6.25 hours per week 

Maths – 5 hours per week 

Science – 1.2 hours per week 

RE – 1.2 hours per week 

PE – 2.2 hours per week 

History, Geography, Art, DT, Music, MFL, Computing, RHE – 55 mins per week each* 


In KS2: 

English – 7.5 hours per week 

Maths – 6.25 hours per week 

Science – 1.5 hours per week 

RE – 1.5 hours per week 

PE – 2.5 hours per week 

History, Geography, Art, DT, Music, MFL, Computing, RHE – 1 hour per week each* 

*Please note that not all subjects will be taught every week, but the timings will average out over the academic year. 



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