Arundel CofE Primary School

Learning Council

The ACE Learning Council is a group of pupils elected to represent children’s opinions and raise issues with the Headteacher and governors in the school.

The Learning Council also take forward projects on behalf of the pupils, feeding ideas into the School Improvement Plan (SIP), lesson observations, book looks, Governing Body meetings and interviews with staff.


· To promote the ACE Learner (introduced in September 2019/20), the ACE Learner Friends (introduced in September 2020/2021) and the Head, Heart and Hands

· To develop learning in the school, including take part in some lesson observations/book looks

· To make further links with the Governing Body

· To develop their role and presence in school, including working alongside Father David to lead worship

· To begin to manage their own budget

· To further develop pupil involvement in decision-making, obtaining their views

· To contribute to the new School Improvement Plan, including developing the use of cups for self-assessment, Tapestry in RE, monitoring the implementation of the Marking, Feedback and Response Policy and the revised Learning and Teaching Policy