Arundel CofE Primary School





“Children learn and develop more from birth to five years old than at any other time in their lives”


At ACE we believe that our children have the right experience and a broad, balanced and rich curriculum in order for them to grow into learners who are ready to take the leap into their future educational journeys. Every child is different and differences should be celebrated. Every child learns in different ways and it is our responsibility to ensure that, at ACE, we plan high quality, engaging experiences in all areas of learning, whilst providing purposeful play at the heart of the curriculum. We believe strongly that “when we give every child the best start in their early years, we give them what they need today. We also set them up with every chance of success tomorrow”.


One of the key features in the Early Years Foundation Stage is to develop the unique child whilst providing a safe, secure and learning rich environment so that our children can reach their full potential. At ACE we provide a varied learning environment which enables children to confidently explore the world around them, and provide opportunities for challenge and growth. The seven areas of learning within the EYFS are introduced through teacher-led ‘carpet-time’ sessions where all the children participate in learning activities. From this, we then carry out group work with the children so that we can identify and rectify any misconceptions. Throughout the day, we have structured continuous provision which links to the seven areas of learning and supports and reinforces both new and previous learning. This is carried out both indoors and outdoors as we recognise the vast learning opportunities that occur in these areas. An adult’s role in children’s play varies, it could be to act as a person who scaffolds, models and offers support when necessary, whilst asking strategic questions related to children’s learning to ensure they flourish through their play.


At the end of the EYFS we aspire for our children to be confident, secure and independent learners who are ready to further succeed as they progress through the school. We ensure this is achieved through providing the children an environment where they feel they are valued, respected and heard. Our goal is for our children to leave the Early Years Foundation Stage with a “love of learning in their hearts”.


Our Vision for EYFS


                 ACE children are fully engaged in their learning, feel happy and are carefully nurtured in a safe environment  as an individual.

Standards and Progress

                The ACE Vision is for every child to make progress from their unique starting point.


                 Any member of staff or volunteer in Rainbow class will be nurturing, passionate, and knowledgeable about early childhood                           development.


                 We will develop an enabling environment where children will have the opportunity to develop independence, autonomy, and a                     curiosity to learn.


Characteristics of Learning

Playing and Exploring, Active  Learning and Creating & Thinking Critically - please take a look at our plan.

 The way ACE EYFS supports pupils 

 We intend children to learn, know and be able to do the following